In Memoriam of H.S.T.

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Hello. Have a nice day. Yes. Mahalo. Stand back. I have finally returned from the Wilderness, where I was chased & tormented for almost 22 weeks. When I finally escaped they put me in a Decompression Chamber with some people I couldn't recognize, so I went all to pieces & now I can't remember anything or Anybody or even who I was, all that time -- which was exactly since Groundhog Day, when it started.

Anyway, that's why I fell behind in my correspondence for a while. I could not be reached except by the Animals, and they hated me. I never knew Why. There was no explanation for it.

* * *

So what? Who needs reasons for a thing like that? Escape is all that matters -- except for the horrible scars, but that is a different question. Today we must deal with The Journal, which requires my total attention now.

A brainless whore would not say this, dear Reader. The Truth is not in them. But I am not a brainless whore -- and if I was, I don't remember it. Who cares? Shit happens. On some days I don't miss my memory at all....Most days, in fact. It is like knowing that you were a Jackbastard in yr. Previous Life, then somebody tells you to be careful not to scream in yr. sleep anymore. You stat to feel afraid...But not me, reader.

As for the ORDER, I think Screwjack should be last & Mescalito first -- so the dramatic tension (& also the true chronological weirdness) can build like Bolero to a faster & wilder climax that will drag the reader relentlessly up a hill, & then drop him off a cliff....That is the Desired Effect, and if we start with Screwjack it won't happen. The journal will peter out.

* * *

Okay. That's about it, for now. We can wrap this thing up very quickly, I think....Indeed. And so much for all that. I have to go out in the yard to murder a skunk -- and if I fail, he will murder me.
Some things never change.

In closing, I remain -- yr. calm & gentle friend,